Frequently Asked Questions - Move At Market Halls

Frequently Asked Questions


What will I learn in each course?

A full understanding of the Move ethos and Level 1 foundations, movements and patterns

Improved mobility and movement quality

Increased strength, flexibility and movement capacity that translates far beyond the gym

Become more physically durable, adaptable and resistant

An understanding of training schedules and programming


What are the main differences between LIVE and ONLINE?

LIVE is a guided 6-week course including both live classes with Move head coach and a library of online content

ONLINE is a library of video and written content with 100 day access

LIVE includes a live 1hr class per week on Zoom,  a live movement screening and one pre recorded homework video per week (max 8 people per course)

ONLINE includes 24 online videos, instructions for a movement screening and a specific 40 day training programme

LIVE includes access to online movement and mobility videos

ONLINE is a full library of content to take you to a Level 1 Mover

Both courses include online support at all times


Is it ok if I am new to this style of movement?

The course is open to people of all abilities

Becoming a Level 1 Mover is not about how well you move or how strong or flexible you are, it is how well you understand our philosophy, values and principles


How is the online content viewed?

Both courses are streamed online via web links or zoom

The training programmes fore each course are sent as a PDF via email


Do I need any equipment?

No equipment is needed although we would recommend a yoga mat


What is a Level 1 Mover?

I have a full understanding of the Move philosophy and movement language

I understand that my limitations are my limitations

I enjoy the pursuit of more and better movement

I am confident moving this way without judgement

I am ready to MOVE